Recursos Electrónicos

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Los libros aquí listados podrán ser consultados en las computadoras de RedUNAM  mediante los hipervículos  o mediante la búsqueda en LIBRUNAM.

Para la consulta fuera de RedUNAM se podrá usar la clave de acceso remoto, para lo cual se recomienda consultar los documentos “Acceso Remoto a la Biblioteca Médica Digital” y “Preguntas Frecuentes sobre el Acceso Remoto a la Biblioteca Médica Digital“.


La UNAM cuenta con acuerdos con programadores y empresas para que su comunidad utilice de modo legal una gran variedad de programas de computo. Universitario,  ingresa a cualquiera de los siguientes portales, busca la herramienta que necesitas, descargarla y úsala:

  1. Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  2. Ethics in Forensic Science *
  3. Research Methods in Human Skeletal Biology *
  4. Handbook of Loss Prevention and Crime Prevention
  5. Introduction to Crime Scene Photography *
  6. Forensic DNA Biology *
  7. Introduction to Criminal Justice
  8. Reaffirming Rehabilitation
  9. Social Media Investigation for Law Enforcement
  10. Developments in Handwriting and Signature Identification in the Digital Age *
  11. The Basics of Digital Forensics *
  12. Windows Forensic Analysis Toolkit *
  13. Security and Loss Prevention
  14. Practical Aviation Security *
  15. Security Science
  16. CCTV
  17. Ethical Justice *
  18. Strategic Intelligence Management
  19. Kidnapping
  20. Forensic Fraud
  21. Forensic Victimology *
  22. Homicide Investigation Field Guide *
  23. Crisis Management at the Speed of the Internet
  24. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to Work
  25. International Security Programs Benchmark Report
  26. From One Winning Career to the Next
  27. X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide
  28. From the Files of a Security Expert Witness
  29. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
  30. Business Continuity
  31. Nine Practices of the Successful Security Leader
  32. Domestic Violence Spills Over into the Workplace
  33. Establishing the Value of All-Hazards Risk Mitigation
  34. Managing Risks in Business
  35. The Compliance Response to Misconduct Allegations
  36. The Future of the Arab Spring
  37. The Benefits and Security Risks of Web-Based Applications for Business
  38. Corporate Security Organizational Structure, Cost of Services and Staffing Benchmark
  39. Personnel Protection: Concepts of Executive Security
  40. Personnel Protection: Aircraft Security
  41. Personnel Protection: Advance Procedures
  42. Media Exposure and Risk
  43. Building a Security Measures and Metrics Program
  44. Aligning Security Services with Business Objectives
  45. Conflict Management for Security Professionals
  46. Personal Safety and Security Playbook
  47. Physical Security Strategy and Process Playbook
  48. Personnel Protection: Executive Worksite Security
  49. Personnel Protection: Security Personnel
  50. Personnel Protection: Executive Compensation and Fringe Benefits
  51. Bringing a Corporate Security Culture to Life
  52. Information Protection Playbook
  53. Influencing Enterprise Risk Mitigation
  54. Workplace Security Playbook
  55. Forensic Investigation of Sex Crimes and Sexual Offenders *
  56. Feminist Theory, Crime, and Social Justice
  57. Professional Misconduct against Juveniles in Correctional Treatment Settings
  58. Profiling and Serial Crime
  59. Crime Scene Investigation
  60. Success as an Online Student
  61. Homegrown Violent Extremism
  62. Alternate Light Source Imaging
  63. Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard
  64. Unified Communications Forensics